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    The Advantage of Herringbone Oak Laminate Flooring
     Mar 20, 2020|View:700

    The herringbone oak laminate flooring is composed of several different performance layers. For such a composition, the floor gathers all the advantages of each layer, which is a good floor material among all decoration materials. The laminated flooring is generally composed of four layers. The first layer is a wear-resistant layer composed of aluminum oxide, which can ensure the wear-resistance of the floor. The second layer is printed with wood Grain or other patterns of the decorative layer, so it has a good decorative, the third layer is made of wood fiber pressing base, with the function of moisture-proof and flame retardant, the fourth layer is made of kraft paper balance layer, can prevent the floor from moisture and deformation, under the common combination of the four layers, make the advantages of the laminated flooring more prominent.

     herringbone oak laminate flooring

    Advantages of laminate flooring:

    The first advantage is good to wear resistance. Due to the particularity of paint quality selection, it has excellent wear resistance. The general composite floor uses common paint, so the wear resistance of the laminated flooring is 10 to 30 times higher than that of the common composite floor.

    The second advantage is that it can be seen beautiful, although there is no natural texture of the solid wood floor, after computer simulation processing, it can imitate a variety of wood grain, color, and other patterns, so it has better decorative effect than the solid wood floor, which can be seen in the decoration effect picture.

    The third advantage is the excellent stability. Due to the different processing technology, the original structure of the wood is broken, the anisotropy and the characteristics of wet expansion and drying shrinkage of the wood are destroyed, so it has excellent stability. In addition to the above three more significant features, it also has strong deformation resistance, flame retardant, moisture-proof, pollution resistance, and easy installation.