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    Application of SPC floor
     Dec 27, 2019|View:695

    With the construction of public places, the current style is no longer the same. For large shopping malls, it mainly wants to reflect the bright and spacious feeling, so white tiles have been used. However, the tiles were broken by impact, which affected the overall feeling. Using SPC floor can solve this problem.

    SPC floor

    The floor properties and wear resistance are different in different places. The use of this floor in a shopping mall requires the highest wear resistance coefficient. There is a lot of people in the mall. The shoes worn by pedestrians also cause different damage to the floor. The SPC floor with high coefficient can be used for a long time. The floor near the bathroom and the floor near the entrance often come into contact with water. This requires the floor to be highly waterproof and easy to clean.

    The main requirement for flooring used in hospitals is silence. Try to avoid making loud noises. One is that it will affect the rest of others and the other is to prevent the patient from being frightened. It is not possible to require all people to walk quietly, and that can only be adjusted for other facilities. The use of the floor can reduce the sound emitted by the sole hitting the floor, thereby playing a role of silence.

    The style of the floor is not a fixed pattern, it can be customized according to your needs, such as marble pattern, solid wood pattern, tile pattern, etc.

    Do you have any interest in learning about the changing SPC floor? Users who are interested in this floor can contact us. More styles are waiting for you.