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    Comparison of laminate flooring and engineering floors
     Nov 07, 2019|View:658

    When choosing a floor covering, many customers will not be able to distinguish between laminate flooring and engineering flooring, so it is difficult to choose. In fact, the use of laminate flooring and engineering flooring are similar in life. The following is a comparison of two types of flooring.

    From the material itself, the main material of the laminate is a high-density fiberboard, a wear layer and decorative paper with aluminum oxide on the upper surface and balanced paper on the back. After serial processing, the appearance of the laminate flooring will be close to the solid wood floor, and it will have a strong anti-fouling ability with a wear-resistant layer. Laminate floors are easier to clean, color saturation is high, and brightness is good, clean and tidy. These two products in practicality indicators are almost identical, and market liquidity is also approximately the same.

    laminate flooring

    In the same period of use, abrasion is different. The abrasion of the laminate flooring is much higher than solid wood flooring, but solid wood flooring has a better effect of thermal conductivity and feet feeling. And the pattern of engineered flooring is natural, while the laminate flooring pattern is more unite which caused by decorative paper.

    The price of them is also different. Laminate is an artificial plate, and the raw material is fiberboard. But the raw material for engineering floors is solid wood. Higher processing technology is required for engineered flooring, so the price is higher.

    In addition, the manufacturing process for these two types of flooring is also very different. One of them is deep processing of high-density fiberboards, and the other is direct processing.

    Different people like different things, different products have different audiences, and different environments use different floors. Thanks to a simple understanding, the simple difference between the two floors has been recognized. Welcome to contact us for the best quality laminate flooring.