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    How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of laminate...
     Nov 07, 2019|View:553

    With the reinforced laminate flooring being widely used, there are also shoddy phenomena, How can you choose high-grade materials among many products. Here is a way to identify the quality of laminate flooring.

    1. Look for the bar code.For good floor,it will be printed  brand's logo, code, wear resistance and other related information on the back of floor, for users to refer to.


    2.Touch the texture.Good floor’s  texture is clear, the color is realistic, and at the same time, some complicated textures and other details. It can be made almost the same as the real wood. The poor quality floor’s texture is rough and somewhat fuzzy, and the printing is hard and stiff.

    3. Smell. The raw material of good floor will emit the fragrance of the wood. But the bad floor will smell a strong pungent smell.

    4.Weight.The density of good floor is higher,so its debris is tight and not easy to crush.But the poor quality floor has a rough cross section and easy to crush.Last,In the case of the same volume, the better the quality, the heavier the floor.

    Through the above methods, you can choose a good composite laminate flooring. Our company has a variety of high-quality flooring, which can save your time to identify good and bad. Anyone who wants to buy or know can call to inquire.